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Stephen Mitchell

Leader, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, NED

By - Stephen Mitchell

the end of an era….and the start of something new…

So…..I’ve now completed the final Audit Committee report and Board report for my current employer, who I leave in mid Feb, before starting a new role with a different Multi-Academy Trust.

I’m also moving house this month, so it’s all change in the Mitchell family at the moment. But, I’m liking it.  There’s a real sense of refreshment, of being re-energised by hitting the proverbial reset button. I feel optimistic about the future.

The issue of wellbeing is becoming more and more prevalent, in the news, but also within the education sector.  There’s no doubt that we can and should do much more to help our colleagues manage their workload and look after themselves at the same time.

I’m also keen to make the most of the reset button I’m pressing at the moment, and to make and keep a resolution to blog more frequently.

The last 6 months have been hugely entertaining, challenging, frustrating, rewarding, and pretty much every other emotion in between.  What I want to try to achieve through this blog is a real time exposition of what we go through, what other school business leaders go through, and to try to draw some threads together.  I’ve picked up an addiction to linking academic research to reality since doing my MBA and am trying to put together a few articles on this site about key issues.

I’ll make no promises about daily entries.  Its going to be raw, uncensored, honest, and frankly, just me, telling you what is happening to me, and the schools I have the absolute privilege to work in.